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The Note of Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Assembly Capabilities

Advanced Printed Circuit Board Assembly capabilities You know there were many PCB companies in China. Some of them are depending on inexpensive way. If you place a visit those inexpensive PCBA plants, you will find those are small or trade companies. 4MCPCB also can provide low cost PCBA board, but we have state-of-the-art assembly equipments. […]

How to calculate the begin turn time of PCBA?

In other words, When does the turn-time begin? If you have asked some PCBA companies, you may know different PCBA plants have differing calculate methodturn time of PCBA. That’s the reason why so many new PCBA engineers confuse this definition. Complexity effecte PCBA turn time As we know, there were many PCBA degrees. Simple PCBA […]