Some common senses of PCB board density

You should know PCB board density

PCB board density is a very professional PCB glossary.
In some PCB design theory, PCB board density is high end definition.
This means that most of new PCB designers don’t know this PCB density.
Then 4MCPCB have summarized a series article about basic PCB glossary.

The definition of PCB Board Density

From our normal density common sense, density is a measure of the ratio.
To PCB manufacturing industry, PCB board density equal to the area of the PCB board used by parts to the total available area of the PCB board.

Different PCB type have differing board density

As you know, so many PCB board types at present.
How about thosePCB board density, all same volume or not?
4MCPCB experts told Emma that it’s better to separate PCB type to discuss.

Single sided PCB board density introduces
Most single sided PCB board density is less than 50 to 60 percent of the available area.

Multilayer PCB board density introduces
Most of multilayer PCB board, it’s density are more than 75 to 80 percent.
If you want to learn exact PCB density each PCB type, please contact us.
Some common senses of PCB board density