PCB board thickness V.S. copper weight

The Definition of PCB Board Thickness

The overall thickness of the base material and all conductive materials deposited thereon.
From this definition, we know different layer PCB board have differing PCB board thickness.

The different of PCB board thickness with the copper weight

In normal person’s eye, most of them there can equal volume.
But if you have some common sense about PCB board, those two definitions have big different.
But we want to let more guy learn more PCB knowledge and become more professional.
So, we will separate introduce those two definitions.

Professional PCB designers prefer use copper weight

We have shared an article Idea copper weight for a flex PCB manufacture process, you may learn some copper weight technology.
Usually the copper weight range from ½ to 4 OZ, in some spacial industry may larger than 4 OZ copper weight PCB design.
For inner layer PCB layer, there were three options of copper weight, ½, 1 or 2 ounce.
All above PCB copper weight is a typical option, if you have some unique requirement, also can custom PCB service.

The typical PCB board thickness

4MCPCB experts told us, the typical PCB board thickness is 1.6mm.
This is the normal PCB board thickness.
And most of China PCB factories can provide this kind board.
If you want to place a custom thickness PCB board, please mail to us.