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You should know Bluetooth technology

Bluetooth technology introduces Bluetooth is a short-arrange connectivity technology. It’s according 2.4GHz wireless connectivity standard. And wide applicant in wireless personal area networks (also named PANs). The applications of Bluetooth technology These panels can be used to exchange data between devices such as cell phones, digital cameras, printers and household appliances at data rates of […]

Blow Hole and Outgassing technologies you should know

The definition of Blow Hole Below hole is a type void in the solder fillet. And the below hole caused by outgassing from the barrel of a plated through hole. Then the question is what is outgassing. What is Outgassing? If you have learned PCB design theory, you may find the definition of outgassing is […]

BGA technology and application introduce

What is BGA? BGA is short for Ball Grid Array. Most of rigid PCB engineers prefer use BGA. So if you communicate with your a engineer of PCB supplier, you should use BGA. BGA technology introduces Not every rigid PCB board has used BGA technology. In fact BGA technology is a special PCB manufacturing technology. […]

98 percent flexible PCB designers must know bare board test items

What is the bare board test? In some PCB factories, engineers also named BBT. BBT is short for Bare Board Test. If you have read our bare board article, you may know BBT is tested for bare board. The capability of Bare board test The different PCB factory has differing bare board test capability. Here […]

Do you know Base Solderability V.S. Basic Wettability

Why we compression Base Solderability V.S. Basic Wettability We have discussed Base Solderability in the previous post. In fact, the base wettability is similar with base solderability. It’s also a very basic definition of the flexible PCB board. But also have some new PCB guys don’t know this basic usability. The definition of Basic Wettability […]

4MCPCB experts recommend base solderabiltiy introduction

The reason why discuss base solderability This paper Emma wants to discuss base solderability. This is a very simple PCB glossary, but also have some PCB guys don’t know. In fact, this is the ignore point during flexible PCB board purchase process. So 4MCPCB want to learn more PCB purchasers know and clear base solderability. […]

Do you know Bed-of-Nail?

4MCPCB experts introduce Bed-of-Nails The simple says Bed-of-Nails is a method of PCB testing. Different with probe testing method, this method tool involving a fixture containing a field of spring-loaded pins. Bed-of-Nails have a unique feature below. And the spring-loaded pins are co-ordinated with strategic points or nodes on the board. The strategic points or […]

Basics raw material of rigid or flexible PCB

Why we should know Basics raw material of rigid or flexible PCB? In this paper, we are going to discuss three topics about the basic raw material. If you have read our share about Barrel V.S Base Copper, you may find the raw material has many common senses should know. You also can read this […]

Barrel V.S Base Copper

The reason why we introduce Barrel and Base Copper In this paper, we are going to discuss Barrel V.S. Base Copper of flexible PCB. Those are the base definition of flexible PCB. But most of new guys don’t know much about it. That’s the reason why 4MCPCB expert summary article. The definition of Barrel of […]