BGA technology and application introduce

What is BGA?

BGA is short for Ball Grid Array.
Most of rigid PCB engineers prefer use BGA.
So if you communicate with your a engineer of PCB supplier, you should use BGA.

BGA technology introduces

Not every rigid PCB board has used BGA technology.
In fact BGA technology is a special PCB manufacturing technology.
Ladles array packaging technology in which solder balls are mounted to the underside of the package.
Most of time use in some chip assembly fixed.

Top three applications of BGA

The first application of integrated circuits.
The Ball grid array can used for surface mount package, or named chip carrier.

Then BGA can apply for microprocessors mount
Usually BGA packages used to permanently mount devices.
For example mounts a microprocessor must use BGA technology.

BGA technology can apply for interconnection
The last and the lost, BGA use in interconnection pins.
Then can be put on a dual in-line or flat package.