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Why should calculate the tooling charge during PCB quote?

This post Angel want to discuss the tooling charge PCB quote calculate. If you have placed some instant PCB quote online, you may find there was an option about tooling charge. First of all you should know why calculator PCB tooling charge. During the PCB manufacturing process, most of time produces a panel than contains […]

Two tips of PCB manufacturing quote from China

PCB manufacturing process is very complex, even some decades PCB line work doesn’t know all of the PCB manufacturing process, special quote process. So this post Angel want to discuss PCB manufacturing quote from China. If you have any question about the PCB manufacturing process, please comment below. Has hidden cost or not? The hidden […]

The parameters of PCB for LED bulb you should know

The PCB Manufacturing process is very professional thing to normal people. Specially the PCB boards use for LED bulb, there were so many parameters. And every parameter has each own function, so if you want a perfect produce, you should learn more info about PCB for LED bulb. Today we are going to discuss the […]

You should know Single sided mcpcb manufacturing process

MCPCB Manufacturing Solder mask Process protects PCB circuit There were many methods protecting the PCB circuit, but Solder mask may the widely use method. The primary purpose of the mask is to restrict the areas that will be covered with solder. If the board surface have all covered with solder, then the board may shorten. […]