Two tips of PCB manufacturing quote from China

PCB manufacturing process is very complex, even some decades PCB line work doesn’t know all of the PCB manufacturing process, special quote process.
So this post Angel want to discuss PCB manufacturing quote from China.
If you have any question about the PCB manufacturing process, please comment below.

Has hidden cost or not?

The hidden cost is the biggest problem when you order PCB board from China.
Some of the purchases were first time to place orders from China PCB manufacturers.
And some of China PCB manufacturers want to make more money from those customers, so they charge more hidden fees for those customers.

Has extra tool charge or not?

Tool charge is very normal in PCB manufacturing quotes.
Most of PCB manufacturers would charge this fee from customers.
Angel here wants to discuss is an extra charge.
Some of our customers tell me, when he places orders to a China PCB manufacturer that require an extra tool charge when their orderly begin to production.
Or stop this order and didn’t return before payment.
Two tips of PCB manufacturing quote from China