The parameters of PCB for LED bulb you should know

The PCB Manufacturing process is very professional thing to normal people.
Specially the PCB boards use for LED bulb, there were so many parameters.
And every parameter has each own function, so if you want a perfect produce, you should learn more info about PCB for LED bulb.
Today we are going to discuss the parameters of PCB for LED bulb.

First of all Allen lists most of the parameters below:
Base Material: Aluminum for PCB
Layer: 1 layer
Board Thickness: 1.0mm/1.2mm/1.5mm/2.0mm/3.0mm
Board Dimension: Diameter 30mm,45mm,50mm,55mm,60mm,65mm (it can be customized)
Copper layer: 1oz/2oz/3oz
Solder Mask: White/Black/Blue/Red
Silkscreen: Black
Surface finish: LF HAL/HAL/OSP/Gold immersion/Silver plating
Outline Profile: CNC routing/V-Cut/Punching

We make a plan to introduce every parameter per article in a long series. So tell us you want the list of parameters or what is the most parameter you want to learn?
The parameters of PCB for LED bulb you should know