Top two factors related to the Cost of PCB aluminum material

Most MCPCB purchase has one rule to choose PCB suppliers, its cost down.
So today we are going to discuss the cost of PCB aluminium material.

The first factor is location relating to the PCB aluminum material

If you want buy a house, first of all is location.
This also meets the MCPCB aluminium manufacturing.
Many MCPCB factories say they offer thermal clad and metal printed circuit boards with a full selection of high performance or low cost materials from leading suppliers around the world.
In fact the location is very important to MCPCB fabrication cost down.

Second factor is the technical development of MCPCB aluminium material

The innovation of technical development is very important to the technology company.
With a wide range of electrical and thermally conductive interface pads, thermally conductive gap fillers, thermal phase change materials and thermally conductive, electrically insulating materials, more and more China MCPCB manufacture thermal clad & metal backed printed circuit boards that exceed all of our customers’ expectations.

If you have another view except above two points, please let me know. We will update this article for you!
Top two factors related to the Cost of PCB aluminum material