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Do you know Base Solderability V.S. Basic Wettability

Why we compression Base Solderability V.S. Basic Wettability We have discussed Base Solderability in the previous post. In fact, the base wettability is similar with base solderability. It’s also a very basic definition of the flexible PCB board. But also have some new PCB guys don’t know this basic usability. The definition of Basic Wettability […]

4MCPCB experts recommend base solderabiltiy introduction

The reason why discuss base solderability This paper Emma wants to discuss base solderability. This is a very simple PCB glossary, but also have some PCB guys don’t know. In fact, this is the ignore point during flexible PCB board purchase process. So 4MCPCB want to learn more PCB purchasers know and clear base solderability. […]