The secret of Boundary Scan

Why we discuss secret of Boundary Scan

Some customers ask Emma the question about Boundary scan.
This is a professional PCBA glossary, and most new PCB guys don’t know.
Then 4MCPCB experts want to share more PCB and PCBA technology.
We want to let more friends know boundary scan technology.

Boundary scan is a method for PCBA testing

PCBA has many type testing, boundary scan is the basic method for testing.
Most of PCBA must through boundary scan testing.
Whereby, some PCBA plant may not list this testing for you due to this is really basic option.

The application of boundary scans

There were two sections can use boundary scan testing.
In interconnects on PCB board, or sub-blocks inside an integrated circuit.
This is the basic PCBA testing method.
Boundary scan is also widely used as a debugging method to watch integrated circuit pin states, measure voltage, or analyze sub-blocks inside an integrated circuit.
A self-test designed into components at the silicon level, permitting testing via a built-in, four-or-five-pin test bus accessing I/O pins.
The secret of Boundary Scan