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How are multilayer PCBs made?

This post David want to introduce something related to how are multilayer PCBs made.
If you have know multilayer PCB, you may learn that this is not just one type PCB board.
Because all of PCB types may have several layers, and most of the time we called these multilayer PCB boards.

The application of multilayer PCB

To learn how are multilayer PCBs made, we should learn the applications of it.
Because the manufacturing process depended the application requirements.
The multilayer PCB is mainly used in the professional electronic equipment, such as computers and military equipment, especially in the case of the overload of weight and volume.
Due to smart device developing, more and more mobile device or similar device also uses multilayer PCB.

How are multilayer PCBs made?

Multilayer PCBs are made by stacking cores with layers of pre-preg.
In a nutshell, to make a 4-layer board, 2 double sided boards and a separator are laminated together.
You can extend this idea to 6, 8, n-layer boards.
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