Some unexpected when place a PCB assembly quote

If you have quoted some PCB boards from the factory, you may face some unexpected situations.
Here Angel has list top three ‘accidents’, if you have any other confuse about PCB assembly quote, please mail to [email protected].

PCB assembly supplier can’t deliver on time

There were many PCB assembly suppliers from China, some were produced and assembly by their own factory.
Most of the time, the factory assembly of their own can give you on time deliver.
Have you recently had a PCB Assembly quoted, then placed the order and soon discovered your Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS) provider can’t deliver on time.

Upcharge for new documentation discrepancies

To place a good PCB assembly is a very complex thing for new comers.
All steps require you have made a right decision and PCB assembly have over 20 processes.
So some of the trade or small company will be upcharge for new documentation discrepancies.
To be honest, if you just change some unimportant discrepancies, you have to think affect to your PCB assembly board.

Upcharge for a detail that you forgot to include?

Due to many unexpected factors or something happen to the production process.
This also very commonly occur when you place a PCB assembly quote.
So ask a rich experience PCB purchaser to place an assembly quote is good suggestion for new comers.
Some unexpected when place a PCB assembly quote

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