FR-4 PCB base material is the best option for conventional PCB board

Why introduce FR PCB base material?

FR is the most normally material for PCB manufacture.
To learn some FR PCB material is beneficial for purchase process or design process.
Most important to learn FR PCB material knowledge, can help you understand why the PCB process should manufacture so many process steps.

FR -1 and FR -2 PCB base material introduces

First of all we should know what is FR?
In fact, many PCB manufacture workers don’t know this definition.
Usually FR is an abbreviation of Flame Retardant.
FR-1 is basically the same as FR-2.
FR-1 has a higher TG of 130℃ instead of 1050℃ for FR-2.
Some laminate manufacturers who produce FR-1 may not produce FR-2 since the cost and usage are similar and it is not cost effective for having both.

FR-3 PCB base material introduces

If you have some knowledge of the PCB manufacturing process, you will find normally conventional board is used FR base material.
FR-3 base PCB material differs from FR-2.
Instead of phenolic resin FR-3 uses an epoxy resin binder.
This means use FR-3 PCB base material may higher performance than use FR-2 at some times.

The FR-4 base PCB material is used widely

Why so many PCB manufacturers choose a FR-4 PCB base material?
This must to discuss some features of FR-4 PCB base material.
FR-4 is a glass fiber epoxy laminate.
It is the most commonly used PCB material.
The thickness normally is 1.60 mm (0.062inch), also have other parameters thickness.
FR-4 uses 8 layer glass fiber material.
The maximum ambient temperature is between 120℃ and 130℃, depending on thickness.

Compare Four types PCB base material

FR-1, FR-2 and FR-3 PCB base material just use for simple PCB

Even FR-1 or FR-2 have cheap price than FR-4, but the FR-4 PCB base material has higher through hole ability.
So one side PCB board with no holes requirement may use FR-1 PCB base material.
All multilayer PCB boards have used the Fr-4 PCB base material.

Some reasons to make FR-3 PCB base material not use so widely.
Just manufacture some simple PCB boards and must simple wire layout can use FR-3 PCB base material.
FR-3 is not recommended to build multi-layer PCBs.

FR-4 PCB base material is the best option

The FR-4 PCB base material also has good reliability and long life time.
To most China PCB manufacturers, they were used to FR-4 PCB base material to produce.
FR-4 is widely used because it is good to make from one-layer to multi-layer PCBs.
With only FR-4, PCB companies can make all kinds of PCBs, which leaves the management and quality control much easier, and eventually it can reduce the cost!
The FR-4 PCB base material is the best option for conventional PCB board

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