Do you know CEM PCB base material?

The common sense of CEM PCB base material

Compare the performance and the reliability, CEM PCB base material is better than FR-4.
It is a complete replacement of FR-4.
But it’s not popular in China, so it is not cost effective to use it.

CEM definition introduces

We are going to introduce another PCB base material, CEM PCB base material.
First of all you should know what is CEM.
Since most PCB manufacture workers were don’t the exact CEM PCB base material mean.
CEM is short for Composite Epoxy Material.

CEM-1 PCB base material use of simple PCB

CEM-1 is a paper-based laminate with one layer of woven glass fabric.
It is not suitable for Plated Through Hole, same as FR1-3.
CEM-1 can only be used for one-layer PCB.

CEM-3 PCB base material constructs

Emma wants to discuss the construct of CEM.
Difference with FR-4 PCB base material use woven glass fabric, CEM PCB base material use a flies material.
That is the reason why some green designers think CEM-3 is very similar to FR-4.
In fact, CEM PCB base material constructs differ with FR-4.
CEM-3 has a milky white color and is very smooth.
CEM PCB base material