Three ignore factors should consider when design a multilayer PCB project

Why we introduce PCB design tips

During PCB design, engineer should consider many factors.
But there were some very easy to ignore by the green designer PCB engineer.
This is why Emma summarized this topic on our website.
And there was another reason to introduce design related factors, it really benefit to all engineers.
Many PCB designer friends ask to share more PCB design tips.

Dissipation factor affects PCB board life time

Not only some green PCB designer easy ignores this factor, some experts also may ignore this.
In physics, the dissipation factor (DF) is a measure of loss-rate of energy of a mode of oscillation (mechanical, electrical, or electromechanical) in a dissipative system. It is the reciprocal of quality factor, which represents the “quality” or durability of oscillation.
A measure index of the tendency of an insulating material to absorb some of the arc energy from electromagnetic field passing through it. Low values are important for RF application, but relatively unimportant for logical applications.

Electrical breakdown voltage DBV related to PCB performance

To some female PCB designer engineers, electrical theory may the biggest trouble.
And most of them even don’t know the electrical breakdown voltage definition.
The voltage per unites thickness of an insulator at which an arc may develop through insulator.
From this definition, we have known if you design higher voltage per unit, the board must consider electrical breakdown voltage factor.

Water absorption factor WA related to PCB reliability

We have know DF and DBV were very complex, and this mean rich experience PCB designer engineers also can not sure exact rule.
Water absorption factor also complex, due to together effect PCB performance and reliability
The amount of water an insulating material may absorb when subjected to high relative humidity, expressed as a percent of total weight. Absorbed water increases relative dielectric constant as well as reduces Electrical breakdown voltage.

Due to above three factors were so complex to Emma, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact our multilayer PCB experts.
Three ignore PCB design factors