Top 2 factors related to quote my PCB online

Why introduce the factors related to quote my PCB online?

There were some of new friends from 4MCPCB ask angel how to place a quote my PCB first time.
To some rich PCB quote experience guys, this is a very easy issue when place a quote online.
But it’s hard for most new PCB guys who want to quote his PCB by self.

Today, Angel wants to introduce some basic about first quote PCB board from the internet.
And here we discuss just from normal consider, if you have any difference factors please contact our PCB experts.

First of all to determine your budget

If you have big budgets to new PCB project, you can choose some big PCB manufacturers.
Like you buy phone, if you have much money to buy a phone, you may choose iPhone or you just choose other brands.
Angel wants to claim that determine a right budget is more important.
Because if you have target budget, you will find the right PCB supplier very quickly.

Determine the rules of pick at first

Second useful tip for new Quote PCB guys are the rules of pick right supplier.
Angel have know many purchase have several steps to pick the suppliers.
But some new quote PCB purchaser doesn’t know this, they compare all the reply quotation again and again.
Unfortunately, most of the time they can’t make a right decision until determines the rules of pick.
Top 2 factors related to quote my PCB online

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