Compare UK PCB design with PCB manufacturing companies

This post will discuss two difference type PCB company, one is UK PCB design company and other is PCB manufacturer.
Angel will though place a PCB quote from two UK types company.
First of all angel wants to claim that the attitude to two type PCB companies just wants to explain one’s deference, and respect all of PCB guys.
If you have any questions, please contact our PCB experts.

Place a quote to UK PCB design companies

An electronics design service is also offered for those clients who have a concept, but no knowledge of the manufacturing process.
If you have tried placing some PCB quote from UK design company, it may require you to provide all the PCB quote file and manufacture process requirement.

Place a PCB quote from UK manufacturer

There were so many differences with UK PCB design company when you place your PCB quote.
Due to the rich experience of PCB experts, PCB manufacturer can ensure your order right.
Some of UK PCB manufacturers also offer design for manufacture, support, which can be beneficial once the design is ready for prototyping, NPI and into full production.
Designs can also benefit from a value engineering review, whereby we can source alternative components, of equal or greater performance, at a lower cost and/or greater availability.
This is always subject to client approval, and is fully documented.