The construction and thickness of multilayer PCBs

How multilayer PCBs are made?
David have introduced many articles to discuss what is a multilayer PCB board.
This may very easy for most people, but how to made a multilayer PCB was not very easy.

This post will focus on construction of multilayer PCBs.

First of all you should know multilayer PCBs have inner and outer layer.
If a 8 or more layers multilayer PCBs, inner layer PCB have contained many layers.
But this also can understand another theory, there were many other outer layers.

Second is the thickness of multilayer PCBs.

Difference use area has difference PCB material.
So there were many thickness, type of multilayer PCB.
The height of the substrate is usually the thickness of one or multiple sheets of laminate material and is usually much smaller than the height of the core preparing material layer.

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The construction and thickness of multilayer PCBs