Multilayer PCB Photoworks data from customers

How multilayer PCB is manufactured?
This question we have discussed many times.
If you have read our shared articles, you must know manufactured multilayer PCB process is very complex.
We want to introduce more clear and separate every multilayer PCB manufactured process.
This post will focus on the Photoworks process of multilayer PCBs manufacturer.

Photoworks data of multilayer PCB from customer

First of all the plots is made and Photos Plots are developed according to the data supplied by the customer.
You know every multilayer PCB custom quote is required Gerber file for most professional suppliers.
PCB vender engineers also have to review all data from customers.
The most important reason is to ensure there is no error in Photoworks data from customers.
Sometime to check the PCB factory, manufacturer can meet customer requirements.
Multilayer PCB Photoworks data  from customers