Two main factors related to how to design a multilayer PCB

How to design a multilayer PCB?
To learn how to design a multilayer PCB, there were many factors related to.
Not only related to PCB material, but also must consider the lamination temperature or pressure.
This post can not tell you everything but we are going to summarize more clear content that you can understand.

The applications of multilayer PCB

There were many areas use multilayer PCB, most of people just know the product have use PCB board.
In fact, multilayer PCB is the most widely use PCB type.
They are found almost everywhere, wherever electronics are in use – from aircraft to motorcycles, and storage power stations to photovoltaics.
If you have known some electronic engineer, you may know multilayer PCB can use very small products, and also can use to very big size products.

The thickness of multilayer PCB

This is very professional area.
If you don’t know much technology about multilayer PCB, you may understand this part some difficult.
Here is an example, describing of the normal thickness of multilayer PCB.
The number of layers ranges from 4 to 28, with a maximum thickness of 3.2mm.

Above two main factors related to how to design a multilayer PCB.
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