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Metal core PCB v’s fr4: Four parts detail comare report

Price Compare: metal core PCB v’s fr4 Fr4 PCB is a very conventional PCB type of electronic industry. In LED industry Fr4 PCB not use first widely, its metal core PCB uses more widely. That is the reason why many people don’t know metal core PCB but call it as LED PCB. Due to thermal […]

LED lighting Circuit board simpler than conventional PCB board

The Summary of LED circuit board There were many types of circuit board, but which one is the best heat transfer performance. You know circuit board LED must have best heat dissipation and good quality. The universal LED circuit boards (LED PCB) are specially designed for LED strip lighting. LED boards can carry up to […]

LED PCB board design Guidelines [Part 3]

We have discussed the End of SMT Pads and Narrow SMT Pads of LED PCB board design. During some high-end LED PCB board, you also notice Sides of SMT Pads design. So this post will discuss LED PCB board design Guidelines [Part 3] How to design Sides of SMT Pads? Do Not Route Traces Along […]

LED PCB board design Guidelines [Part 1]

This post will discuss LED PCB board design issue. First of all Allen wants to claim most LED PCB design content from the internet. If you have any problems please contact us. And this post not only focus designers, because to learn more LED PCB board design, you will understand LED PCB board more clearly, […]

LED PCB imalatı tell you it’s benefits

LED PCB imalatı is turkish LED printed circuit board Manufacturers. This post we will sue LED PCB imalatı instead of LED printed circuit board Manufacturers. Because there were some Turk friend to ask Allen the benefits of LED PCB imalatı. LED PCB imalatı tell you it’s benefits The heat dissipation afforded by this construction is […]

The Temperature of Basic MCPCB construction introducing

There were many types Printed circuit board. Each type PCB board has own features and applications. Today we are going to be introducing Basic MCPCB. The Temperature of basic MCPCB If you have used basic construction MCPCB, may know the good performance of MCPCB. But how it works? FR-4 based PCB will dissipate most of […]

LED strobe circuit has good market share

This view have more and more LED PCB people accept. In fact, not only LED PCB industry, but also the other electronic industry people know that. This post will discuss the LED strobe circuit kit topic. First of all you should learn why LED strobe circuit has more and more popular. The background of LED […]