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Top 6 benefits of LED circuit board introduce

First is the heat dissipation performance of the LED circuit board perfectly The dissipation of heat without using additional heat sinks. You know the heat dissipation is the key problem when you develop an LED lighting. If you don’t have a good solution of heat dissipation, the temperature of LED circuit board will beyond your […]

Top three tips on LED circuit design online

Is it true for LED circuit design online? In fact Allen also don’t know more about LED circuit design online. So I have asked some LED circuit board designers, they also didn’t give much more info about it. Here are three tips on LED circuit design online. First of all is safe of LED circuit […]

Multilayer LED circuit board manufacturers tell you the it’s truth

This post we want to discuss a special LED circuit board, it may not the widely use by normal companies. But in power product industry, multilayer LED circuit board manufacturers are very important part. Multilayer LED circuit board application Common in the high performance power supply market, Multilayer led circuit board are made from multiple […]

The definition of LED circuit board components

We have introduced many articles about LED PCB board, today we are going to discuss related LED circuit board components topic. Before introducing LED PCB board components, you have to know below: What are the core components of a typical LED that gets soldered to a Printed Circuit Board? Introducing typical LED and LED circuit […]

Three strange things in PCB manufacturing industry in the world

PCB companies provide LED circuit board design service. You know there are many PCB companies in China. But not all PCB companies can produce PCB by their own. Here Jimmy will discuss this area in thins article. Three strange things in PCB manufacturing industry in the world Firstly is they services very strange. Many PCB […]

Top 10 features of Flexible LED Circuit Board list

About the flexible LED circuit board introduce, many people didn’t know the really definition. To be honest jimmy didn’t know the definition that every can understand clearly. So we want to discus the features of led Circuit board first, then give you the definition. Top 10 features of Flexible LED Circuit Board list Special built-in […]

Discuss LED experiment circuit board

This post Jammy will discuss LED experiment circuit board. If you have some PCB assembly experience, you may think most of we discuss is easy. Anyway, we want more and more PCB people learn some LED circuit board knowledge. Choose one LED experiment circuit board First of all you should have a led experiment circuit […]

Some features of LED Circuit Board Tail Lights

Some things before: LED circuit board tail lights is new technology for most develop country. This post is focus on why use LED circuit board produce car tail lights. First of all, jim not the expert of car PCB assembly quote, just discussion some the about the car tail lights. So if there were any […]