Multilayer LED circuit board manufacturers tell you the it’s truth

This post we want to discuss a special LED circuit board, it may not the widely use by normal companies.
But in power product industry, multilayer LED circuit board manufacturers are very important part.

Multilayer LED circuit board application

Common in the high performance power supply market, Multilayer led circuit board are made from multiple layers PCB of thermally conductive dielectrics.
By the way, there were may other electronic industry also have notice it’s high performance.
That’s the reason why so many LED circuit board manufacturer from China.

The constructions of multilayer LED Circuit board

If you have read our articles about LED circuit board, you may know the typical constructions three layers.
How about the constructions of multilayer LED circuit board?
These constructions have one or more layers of circuitry buried in the dielectric with blind vias acting as either thermal vias or signal vias.
This means you also can understand it’s has three layers, but there were some sub-layer in the dielectric layer.

The benefit of multilayer LED Circuit board

While more expensive and less efficient at transferring heat as a single layer design, they provide a simple and effective solution for heat dissipation in more complex designs.
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Multilayer LED circuit board manufacturers tell you the it's truth