The definition of LED circuit board components

We have introduced many articles about LED PCB board, today we are going to discuss related LED circuit board components topic.
Before introducing LED PCB board components, you have to know below:
What are the core components of a typical LED that gets soldered to a Printed Circuit Board?

Introducing typical LED and LED circuit board

A typical LED is made with a chip, which is the semiconductor that produces the light when electrically connected.
Of course typical LED connect with the LED PCB board and those components.
If you have researched a big LED PCB company, it’s LED PCB products always connect with LED or LED components.

How to assembly LED circuit board with components?

The chip is connected by a very thin bond wire to a lead electrical contact that acts as the cathode.
The chip is bonded with a thermal heat sink and a ceramic base.
The chip is enclosed by a lens that not only protects the chip, but also modulates the light beam to the desired angle, depending on the nature of the lens.
For production of white light, the chips are coated with phosphors.
The definition of LED circuit board components