Discuss LED experiment circuit board

This post Jammy will discuss LED experiment circuit board.
If you have some PCB assembly experience, you may think most of we discuss is easy.
Anyway, we want more and more PCB people learn some LED circuit board knowledge.

Choose one LED experiment circuit board

First of all you should have a led experiment circuit board.

My torch had a small square wooden base with a few nails fixed into it.
These nails acted as a clamp for the cells as well as the bulb.
A small piece of wire, when connected across the bulb and the battery, would instantly light up the torch.

Assembly led experiment circuit board

Then you should have some skill in assembly led experiment circuit board.
Like above assembly steps or follow your own mind.

A very amusing and simple experiment using few batteries and a light bulb will quite effectively explain how to light up a torch bulb or an LED. School students will especially love it. Read on to learn more.

Discuss LED experiment circuit board