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PCB quotes form additional notes you should know

Our Website has provided rapid PCB quote for customers. Here are some tips of PCB quote additional notes. The format of PCB file In this PCB quote form, we don’t have an option that allows you attach a PCB file. So if you have a detail MCPCB design file, you can send to [email protected] By […]

The guides for LED circuit board repair

What are good guides for LED circuit board repair? If you have LED circuit board design experience, you may understand this question very clear. Or you should have a look this part’s content. Here we discuss the good guides for LED circuit board repair, just for normal people. If you are a decade engineer, those […]

Multilayer MCPCB prototype Construction introducing

The process of MCPCB prototype manufacturing If you have read our before articles about MCPCB manufacturers, you may learn some the process of MCPCB. But to prototype MCPCB process is some or difference from the normal PCB? Follow our content to continue. A thin sheet of dielectric, typically around.006” thick, is drilled, plated and etched […]

A study of flat plate heat pipe for LED array related to MCPCB design

The study of flat plate heat pipe for LED array aim We have known MCPCB design usual use metal material, is there any alloy make a MCPCB? In order to verify the performance of diamond powder PCB-FPHP, our experimental measured the PCB-FPHP and common MCPCB conducted with 3 different materials include Cu, Al and FPHP […]

Two MCPCB material compares: Aluminum and copper

Fr4 is not MCPCB material Fr4 is the widely used PCB material to the PCB industry. But to MCPCB industry, this situation was not the same. As Metal Core PCB means the base material for PCB is metal, not normal FR4/CEM1-3, etc. And currently the most common metal used are Aluminum Copper alloy. Two MCPCB […]