Multilayer MCPCB prototype Construction introducing

The process of MCPCB prototype manufacturing

If you have read our before articles about MCPCB manufacturers, you may learn some the process of MCPCB.
But to prototype MCPCB process is some or difference from the normal PCB?
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A thin sheet of dielectric, typically around.006” thick, is drilled, plated and etched much like a standard double sided printed circuit board.
The sheet is then laminated using thermally conductive bonding material to the metal base.

Why we should know Multilayer MCPCB prototype Construction

For MCPCB designer, there were many rules to follow to finish MCPCB design project.
Designs with higher component counts may not have room for all the required routing on a single layer.
In this case a Multilayer PCB design is required.
This extra routing layer result in components further away from the heat-sink and reduced heat transfer so this construction is recommended only when necessary.
Multilayer MCPCB prototype Construction introducing