Top 3 MCPCB design rules guide

This post Allen will share top 3 MCPCB design rules guide .
You know MCPCB design is a very complex process, it’s related many factories.
Here just list top 3 MCPCB design rules, if you have another question about it, please contact us.

Extra tool border

Add extra a tool border around your MCPCB board.
how many add number is depend you PCB supplier capability.

Add extra Tool holes

provide tooling holes (3mm? whatever the manufacturer wants)
The boarder around and tool holes are very important to MCPCB manufacturing process.
Also, those two were depended on every MCPCB factory’s standard or rules.

Add fiducials to your MCPCB board

You know every PCB factory has their own manufacturing standard. But you should add MCPCB fiducial.