MCPCB fabrication type introduces

There were many types of MCPCB fabrication.
Before we have introduced most of them, if you want to learn each MCPCB type detail info, please go back to reading.
This post is a summary all types of MCPCB fabrication.

First of all introducing MCPCB fabrication for lighting.

In fact, most of MCPCB board use for lighting industry.
But here just separate from difference end products.
MCPCB For Downlights
MCPCB For Flood Lights
MCPCB For Panel Lights
Street Light MCPCB

Second is introducing the MCPCB fabrication for the tube.

Most LED tube MCPCB assemblies also belong to lighting.
But some of MCPCB on sell with lighting tube, not just bare MCPCB board.
MCPCB For Trio 3W 3LED
LED Tube Light MCPCB 10W-50W LED Module MCPCB

Finally, introduce the other type of MCPCB fabrication.

If you have known the RoHS standard, you must know it’s a CE mark.
Your Europe customers must require RoHS MCPCB.
MCPCB fabrication type introduces