Cheap Basic MCPCB and Affordable ceramics MCPCB

MCPCB Cost is the first factor of purchaser chooses
PCB Purchaser have compared most circuit board suppliers, but the most important rule is cost down.
So the cheapest PCB MCPCB cost is the best chooce.
When you need high thermal performance at low cost, you need a China MCPCB or IMS material.
Follow Allen to reading MCPCB cost secret.

Cheap Basic MCPCB have good performance

Even the most basic MCPCB materials offer breakthrough performance.
That’s why so many oversea electronic companies choose our basic MCPCB.
On the other hand our affordable basic MCBPCB accepted by all purchasers.

Affordable ceramics MCPCB

You know ceramics MCPCB have good performance for the LED lighting industry.
But the cost of ceramics MCPCB also very high.
Our decades PCB experts have done a lot of effort.
Now we can provide:
The industry’s highest performance IMS / MCPCB substrate
A fully inorganic substrate with performance rivalling high end ceramics
Cheap Basic MCPCB and Affordable ceramics MCPCB