Solder Resist of PCB thermal management introduce

We have discussed the manufacturing process of the LED TV circuit board.
During the MCPCB board produce, solder resist is a very important factor of boards.
So this post Allen wants to introduce some factors about Solder Resist of PCB thermal management.

What does the solder resist of PCB thermal management?

It is basically a polymer coating that prevents the solder from bringing traces and possibly creating shortcuts to nearby component leads.
Some small MCPCB factory makes a very thin solder resist or even didn’t have one.

This type board is very troubling, due to the circuit of PCB thermal management don’t have protect.
The other areas which are not to be solderable are covered with a solder resist material.

If you want to how to solder the resist on MCPCB surface, please follow our series articles.
Solder Resist of PCB thermal management introduce