The easy way to judge a MCPCB manufacturer [part 6]

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What makes your company unique?

Make a company unique, not only due to the products, but also the service and company culture etc.
Most of them always to say the advantages of their MCPCB board, but all of MCPCB board has almost some advantages.
This question will make most PCB manufacturers cringe, simply because they won’t have an answer.

The aim of asking MCPCB manufacturer unique factor question

This part may ignore by most purchases, here Frank want to more people know the unique factor is important for a MCPCB manufacturer.
There are hundreds of manufacturers that do little or nothing to stand out, and are perfectly content with going with the flow.
If a PCB manufacturer can’t explain what makes them unique, chances are they’re just like the rest.
The easy way to judge a MCPCB manufacturer [part 6]

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