The easy way to judge a MCPCB manufacturer [part 1]

In this series of easy way to judge a MCPCB manufacturer to have six steps.
Those six steps were the basic to learn a MCPCB company, even learn some normal business companies.
Two simple those six steps, Frank has summary a question for each step.
The No.1 question is experience of MCPCB manufacturer.

How many years have you been in business?

When it comes to manufacturing circuit boards, experience is everything.
Even some trade companies also have many years in MCPCB industry, but they didn’t have solute the really engineer problems abilities.

The aim of asking MCPCB manufacturer experience question

This question not only sheds light on a manufacturer’s competence, but also their ability to constantly adapt and innovate over time.
Most time asks a big MCPCB company, they have the perfect answer for this question.
The easy way to judge a MCPCB manufacturer[part 1]
MCPCB experts suggest others tips: