The easy way to judge a MCPCB manufacturer [part 2]

This post is the second part of the series of an easy way to judge a MCPCB manufacturer.
Previous post we have discussed the experience of MCPCB manufacturer.
Rich experience to ensure high quality MCPCB board.
But high quality MCPCB board related other factors, like MCPCB certifications.

What are your MCPCB certifications?

Often times, MCPCB manufacturers offer unbelievably low-priced circuit boards with lightning fast delivery.
If you have know the MCPCB manufacturing process detail, you must find the secret: All at the expense of the quality.

The aim of asking MCPCB certification question

Even there were many factors related MCPCB board quality, but the MCPCB certification is the main factor.
This question provides insight on the quality of a manufacturer’s process, materials, and of course the printed circuit boards.
This is the key factor to ensure your purchase MCPCB board quality were OK.

You should know Another thing about MCPCB certification

Some MCPCB manufacturers claim to be compliant with certain quality standards, but haven’t followed the proper procedures to become officially certified.
If you choose big brand, you MCPCB order most of the time will under standards, but if you choose some small trade companies, you must care about this factor.
The easy way to judge a MCPCB manufacturer [part 2]
MCPCB experts suggest others tips: