Do you know automotive PCB requirements in differing vehicle section?

How automotive PCB requirements meet electronic car?

Now there are more and more smart electronic car.
The automotive PCBs are used in many ways in the electronics car industry.
In some other words, the automotive PCB requirement has many differences.
We can image that the automotive PCB developing can change the way that people drive.
So, we have to know the latest automotive PCB requirements in the vehicle industry.

Automotive PCB has higher reliability requirement

The secure become more important for most drivers.
Due to more and more electronic vehicle design more fast that traditional car.
This means the we must choose higher reliability automotive PCB board.
Not only in traditional automotive PCB applications, like anti-lock brake systems, safety and security features accessories.
Even in ECU systems also need use PCB board, like control engines and GPS navigation systems also need a higher reliability automotive PCB.
That’s the reason why automotive PCB has increased PCB market share.

Automotive PCB also have consider entertainment requirement

You know the electronic cars have become smarter and convenient.
The need for automotive PCB will increase as smart electronic car drivers demand more accessories in the vehicles.
That is the reason some high end vehicle has set televisions to allow passengers to view.
If you have seen some smart vehicle show, the entertainment function is the most feature.

Automotive PCB requirement have increased in Truck section

As we know truck always require higher reliability as drive long time.
Most of automotive PCB used in truck will require higher reliability.
For example, sub assembly or dealer support system must consider the reliability of the PCB during it’s design process.
If you have visited an automotive PCB factory, you must notice the automotive PCB reliability evaluates is a unique process.
Automotive PCB requirement