Reliable performance is so important to metal core PCB prototype in automobiles

Thickness of Metal Core PCB Prototype

If you have learned some Metal Core PCB prototype knowledge, you will find metal core PCB thickness is thicker than a conventional PCB board.
How about the thickness of copper foil?
David has asked this basic question to many friends, some of them say thick than a convention PCB board, the rest were not sure.
I think this issue has to separate several conditions, due to different application requite difference copper foil.

Difference requires of Metal Core PCB Prototype

We have known different applications of metal core PCB prototype.
In LED industry, the thickness of copper foil requires 1 OZ, some time thin than traditional PCB board.
But in the automotive industry, MCPCB copper foil thickness can be 1 – 10 oz.
If you want to know more detail thickness of copper foil in every metal core PCB application, please contact us.

Best Metal Core PCB prototype service

Normally, most traditional PCB board manufacturers use the same way to produce and design their Metal Core PCB.
Most of time this way is the best way to customers.
But if you also provide metal Core PCB prototype to vehicle engineer, you will be losing your opportunity.
Because the reliability performance is so important to metal core PCB in automotive application.
So the best metal core PCB service must consider reliability in the manufacturing process.
Best Metal cor PCB prototype