Top Three parameters of multilayer MCPCB

First parameter is layer of multilayer MCPCB

If you have read our articles, you may know MCPCB most have one single side.
Yes, most of the metal core PCB were one or two layers.
But now due to special require, MCPCB manufacturers were asked to produce multilayer MCPCB.
By the way, here discuss multilayer MCPCB definition is differ from stackup about it.
The multilayer MCPCB board has several circuit layers.

Second parameters is thickness of multilayer MCPCB.

If you have read our articles about MCPCB manufacture process, you may find MCPCB board thick than conventional PCB.
But not enough to consider special, in some small LED lighting require very thin.
1-3MM is the normal size for most MCPCB factor is.

Third parameter is copper thickness of multilayer MCPCB

Copper thickness depends on applications.
For example, outdoor LED lighting requires thick copper than indoor ones.
And industrial LED lighting will thicker than normal home ones.
But there was a special MCPCB application, automotive lighting.
Because metal core PCB application in a car has strike considers, not just copper thickness design thick or thin.
Three parameters of multilayer metal core PCB