Do you realy know metal core PCB reflow?

Why introduce metal core PCB reflow

This article we are going to introduce metal core PCB reflow.
It’s a metal core PCB assembly issue, meaning related to many factors, not only metal core PCBs.
David wants to compare with FR4 laminate PCB reflow, to more clearly introduce metal core PCB reflow.

Assembly process of Metal core PCB

To compare Fr4 PCB or conventional PCB board, assembly a component on metal core PCB surface is more difficult and more complex.
Normally, most metal core PCB use metal core is due to use the solder joints to help conduct the heat from the active components down into the metal core.
This also the reason why LED lighting must require use Metal core PCB.

The detail process of metal core PCB reflow

Metal core layer decreases the temperature of PCB board. What’s even you PCB Manufacturers use, which technique, most heat management is conducted down into the metal core layer.
You may notice metal core layer is thicker than above two layers.
And the second point is let heat slower. Some MCPCB factory uses a soak section before liquids to allow the heat to penetrate in metal core layers.
This is the safely reflow way in metal core PCB assembly process.

The temperature of metal core PCB reflow process

To achieve full liquids reflow process, engineers have to use all the solder joints, Most importantly, to assembly a metal core PCB reflow process must without overheating any of the components and materials.
This process may not only physical also include chemistry process.
metal core pcb reflow