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how to understand the package size of flexible PCB?

Do you know the package size of the flexible PCB board? We have discussed metal core PCB and automotive PCB before. Compare with those two types, flexible PCB has many advantages. Special in some high end electronic device, like iPhone widely uses flexible PCB to develop. This post we will from the package size
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Flexible PCB High Density Applications feature discussion

This paper will discuss flexible PCB high density applications. Emma wants to clear that Flexible PCB High Density Applications were compared with other conventional PCB's. If you know HDI PCB, you may find it's density higher than most flexible PCB. And most of HDI PCB were applied in the semiconductor industry. So we discuss
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Flexible PCB interconnect ability introduces

Flexible PCB board have become more and more popular Now more and more smart devices require use flexible PCB board. Due to most conventional PCB board can not meet those smart device needs. Sometime flexible PCB also has a replacement for wires. That's the reason why flexible PCB market shares have increased. The interconnect ability
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All common senses of multi-layer flexible PCB board

The named of multi-layer flexible PCB board This paper is the third article on series flexible PCB board. First of all we should know the name of multi-layer flexible PCB board. Usually multilayer flexible PCB board also named multi flex PCB, or multi FPC. But if you place a PCB order from your supplier,
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