Internet of Things affects the flexible PCB board application

Internet of Things affects the flexible PCB board application

The development history of flexible PCB

THis post we want to discuss Internet of Things affects the flexible PCB board application.
Now there were more and more smart devices, and all of those devices are made by flexible PCBs.
The manufacture methods of flexible PCB differ than before.
So we should know much about the history of flexible PCB manufacture.
From early days, the flexible PCB section has made huge strides.
For example, flexible board materials, copper printing methods, miniaturization, rigid-flex, and other sections have changed.
Especially in ELIC and EDA area have very big differ than years ago.

The applications of flexible PCB become more widely

During early electronics industry, the flexible PCB board is just used for high end industries.
With the continuous evolution of flexible PCB design & manufacture, its application have become more widely.
Most of our consumer electronics, smart vehicles and our workplaces devices are made flexible PCB.
In fact, the applications of flexible PCB not limited above three areas, but developing more and more new areas.

The revolution of flexible PCB application

And yet in 2017, there were many hot topics, like Artificial intelligence, Internet of Things etc.
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So we are poised to shift from evolution to revolution very sooner.
All those revolutions are driven by the idea of it & AI, also will be a revolution of flexible PCB application.