How understand flexible PCB in FPC designer and engineer mind?

How understand flexible PCB in FPC designer and engineer mind?

If you have read our flexible priented circuit board articles before, you may know most of conents are from customers.
But this article is differ, we will from designers and engineers mind.
To know How understand flexible PCB in FPC designer and engineer mind.

We have chatted with most of our friends, most of them have a view that PCB board should be design flat layers.
Yes, most of the time this view are right, like metal core PCB board.
If you ask this question to a flexible PCB designer, the answer will be no.
Due to the most flexible PCB designer will think they can offer another level of design.
Of course, they also can have flat flex-PCB layers use if you want.

Three dimensions of flexible PCB design mind

All of the flexible circuit board can be folded and creased, even most of rigid-flex PCB also can offer.
In other words, flexible PCB designers should consider three dimensions during the design process.
That’s the reason why some guy named it origami interconnect.
On several occasions, 4MCPCB have had potential customers describe our flexible amazing.
The bending ability can meet most assembly board situations.

Flex circuit sales engineers should now widely Eletronics

As we know Printed Circuit Board is a very traditional industry, and most of the sales just know some basic common sense can provide good PCB service, like metal core PCB.
But it’s differ in flexible PCB board.
Duo to flexible PCBs should be considered three dimensions, and it’s bending ability.
So flex circuit sales engineers should know much more electronics knowledge.
To answer customers’ questions and provide good flexible PCB service.