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The detail Final inspection process of rigid PCB

Why we discuss the final inspection process of rigid PCB One reason is that there were more and more customers care about this process. And ask our 4MCPCB experts many final inspection questions. Then is due to some small rigid PCB manufacturers give wrong definition to the market. Emma wants to more guys know the […]

Compare flex circuit manufacturers with rigid PCB’s

The number of flex circuit manufacturer less than rigid PCB’s We have discussed flexible PCB have many advantages. Most smart devices are more use flex circuit. Most important is due to be a reliable alternative to conventional PCB board. Even flexible PCB manufacturers number is not so large as rigid PCB board’s. But it’s the […]

Flexible circuit board applications become more widely

Why we need more and more flexible circuit board? Now, electronic market appears more and more smart devices. There were a larger demand of printed circuit board for those startup companies. Most of those smart devices have a high degree of performance and reliability. This means require increasingly miniaturized packages and complex circuit board assembly […]

Three common sense of circuit flex manufacture process

The reason why we discuss circuit flex stackup This paper will discuss circuit flex stackup. If you have read our shared article about circuit flex manufacture process, you will find it’s more simple than multilayer rigid PCB board. But it’s also have difficult to design a good circuit flex stackup for most green guys. How […]

Do you know the bendability design of flexible circuit?

This paper will discuss the bendability design of flexible circuit. Two factors related to the bendability design of flexible circuit. One is how many times it will be binding. And the secondly is what it can be bend. A statics flexible circuit board First factor determines whether the flexible circuit will be a static or […]

How to design a flex circuit to wearable device?

Flex circuit uses different material with rigid PCB In this paper, we will discuss flex circuit. Compare with rigid circuit board, flex circuit has many advantages. Like major saving in manufacturing cost, reduced space consumption and lower weight and so on. If you want more detail of advantages of flex circuit, please go back read […]

Experts’ views: the right way of rigid flex PCB manufacturing process

From Rigid Flex PCB manufacturer to discuss its features From the PCB industry development process, flexible PCB and rigid PCB board development also led the birth of the rigid flex PCB. This paper will discuss some features of the rigid flex PCB. And most of those discs will from rigid flex PCB manufacturer point. First […]

Do you know the secret of flexible PCB reliability?

How about the reliability of flexible PCB board? Related to flexible PCB reliability, we have discussed the advantage of flexible PCB’s thickness. To our normal terminal customers, we don’t care the flexible PCB thickness. Most of us care more about how to use it and how long we can use it. This issue related to […]

Flexible PCB can reduce products size and weight

Flexible PCB can reduce size and weight If you ask a PCB design engineer, which one type PCB design was hard finish? The answer may flexible PCB design. Because there were so many factors should be considered, like the combination of flexible design freedom, space, and weight etc. Even there were so many affect flexible […]

Flexible PCB dynamic flexing ability introduces

Flexible PCB can easily meet dynamic flexing need You know dynamic flexing require some components must move when used. It was against to reliability of electronic products All rigid PCB board can not meet dynamic flexing need, but flexible PCB can easily do. Because flexible PCB have good connect ability and flexible PCB bending performance. […]