How to design a flex circuit to wearable device?

Flex circuit uses different material with rigid PCB

In this paper, we will discuss flex circuit.
Compare with rigid circuit board, flex circuit has many advantages.
Like major saving in manufacturing cost, reduced space consumption and lower weight and so on.
If you want more detail of advantages of flex circuit, please go back read a serious article about flex circuit advantage.

Flex circuit design process have more complex.

During flex circuit design must be optimized for its materials and use cases.
This means flex circuit design process may consider more factors than rigid PCB’s.
That’s the reason why some flex circuit designers can also design a rigid PCB board, but rigid PCB designer can not finish a flex circuit design process.

Top three new design rule of flex circuit

We have introduced the application of flex circuit.
So here we just simple introduce for those green guys.
In some wearable devices and virtual reality devices area, widely use flex circuit.
But due to above two new industry, most flex circuit manufacturers have no experience.

That’s the reason why have top three flex circuit design rule.
Firstly is light weight, all wearable devices or VR devices were require very light weight flex circuit.

Then is the assembly process must simple.
In other words, easy to install flex circuit design for normal people.
Most of people don’t want very complex wearable devices or VR devices.

Last but not least, keeping durable and suitable for demanding.
This flex circuit rule is very important.
Because all those applications should be durable.
Now days, customers were becoming more and more smart, and also know what is the best design for them.
So please keep customers demanding, requires, you will get the market.
Design a flex circuit