Experts’ views: the right way of rigid flex PCB manufacturing process

From Rigid Flex PCB manufacturer to discuss its features

From the PCB industry development process, flexible PCB and rigid PCB board development also led the birth of the rigid flex PCB.
This paper will discuss some features of the rigid flex PCB.
And most of those discs will from rigid flex PCB manufacturer point.

First of all we should know what is rigid flex PCB.

Rigid flex PCB also named as soft and hard combined PCB board, or rigid and flexible printed circuit board.
It’s using a combination of flexible PCB and rigid PCB board.
This means the rigid flex PCB has a good flexible bending performance and reliability at some time.

Rigid flex PCB design depends on manufacture production needs.

You may know a flexible PCB manufacturing process is very complex.
Rigid flex PCB manufacture processes were more complex than flex PCB’s.
If you have research rigid flex PCB manufacturer in the world, you will find rigid flex PCB manufacturers less than rigid PCB plants number.

The biggest factors is that not all electronic requirements can be products, rigid flex PCB manufacture have many hard works.
This means all rigid flex PCB designers must know production limited, and all circuits draw and shape design must according to production requirements.

CAM engineers confirm rigid flex PCB under production capability

If you have placed a rigid, flexible PCB to your suppliers, you may have received some CAM engineers suggestions.
Yes, CAM engineers is very important role for rigid flex PCB manufacture.
Because most designer only considers customers’ needs, and don’t know detail rigid flex manufacture technical limited.

Rigid flex PCB use FPC and rigid PCB seamlessly laminated

This feature may most people don’t know.
Usually, rigid flex PCB manufacturer produces inner layer, and most of inner circuit layers were flexible circuit.
The seamlessly laminated rigid PCB out side.
Rigid flex PCB manufacturing process