Some new trends of metal core PCB China recently years

Why there is more metal core PCB in China?

You may have confused in this title, metal core PCB has used widely in other countries.
Specially in US and Europe, more and more designer choose metal core PCB China for their new project.
But did you know that there were so many metal core PCB plant in China, and export to us and Europe every day.
To answer these questions, we should consider those factors.

Lighting designers consider metal core PCB economically effective

You know the lighting economy effect is the biggest trend.
All designers must consider the economy effective as the first rule.
Even normal customers also buy a lighting depend on its economy effective or not.

More and more metal core PCB plants in China

If you have visited a metal core PCB plant in China pass years, you will find most of those metal core PCB plants were very small.
Just very few have been big metal core PCB company.
Even some of metal core PCB companies use one factory.
This means there were several companies’ names, but just one factory to manufacture metal core PCB order.

New trends of metal core PCB in China

There were some metal core PCB manufacturer wants to build its own brand.
And provide quality metal core PCB to global world direct.
4MCPCB is one of them, we also want to give our customers at low cost with best quality metal core PCB.
If you want to learn details our metal core PCB technical info, please mail to [email protected]
New trends of metal core PCB China