The detail Final inspection process of rigid PCB

Why we discuss the final inspection process of rigid PCB

One reason is that there were more and more customers care about this process.
And ask our 4MCPCB experts many final inspection questions.
Then is due to some small rigid PCB manufacturers give wrong definition to the market.
Emma wants to more guys know the really detail the final inspection process of the rigid PCB board.

Check cosmetic defects of rigid PCB

This is the first step of the final inspection process of rigid PCB.
The inspector will look for any cosmetic defects like scratches.
Some small rigid PCB manufacturers only through this process and deliver rigid PCB to the customer.

Then checking hole diameters of rigid PCB

Checking hole diameters process is very important.
Usually the inspector measures the panel against the mechanical drawing.
And use a tapered probe to checking hole diameters.
To make sure all hole diameters are meeting the rigid PCB Gerber file.
If everything is OK, the inspector will print out the production release note.

The Vacuum sealed process of rigid PCB

This protects circuit layer process.
All rigid PCBs after inspection or through a vacuum sealed process.
Due to only Vacuum sealed can keep out the dirt and moisture from the surface of rigid PCB.
Above processes are not enough, consider the shipped risk.
Most rigid PCB providers use bubble-wrapped, securely boxed to make sure all boards safety.