The V-cut scoring profiling process of rigid PCB

Rigid PCB has complex V-cut scoring profiling process.
We have introduced flexible PCB shape process, it’s looks very easy due to use flexible circuit material.
But for rigid PCB this process becomes more complex.
Because all rigid PCB material has got very hard and can not easy to shape.
That’s the reason why the V-cut scoring profiling process is so important for rigid PCB.

Use router profiling rigid PCB

The V-cut scoring profiling process is the final manufacturing rigid PCB stage.
Most customers require profile the PCBs and cut them out of the production panel.
This means rigid PCB manufacturers must make sure separate each PCB board.
And the V-cut scoring profiling technology is widely used separate rigid PCB.
To ensure profiling PCB precision, all rigid PCB factory use a computer controlled milling machine or named router.

Milling out small slots in rigid PCB

This is the first step of the V-cut scoring profiling process of rigid PCB.
The router machine mills out any small slots or internal cut-outs.
In fact, those slots or cut-outs were just as the V-cut scoring path role.
Because the cutter follows the path defined in the original tool file.

Then second time milling process of rigid PCB

After milling small slots or cutouts, continue use mills method to milling.
This time usually use the milling head automatically picks up a 2 mm cutter.
Also, there was another milling rigid PCB, checks the diameter and mills around each PCB.
During the milling rigid PCB, there were many dust.
This is the reason why all rigid PCB milling room is so dirty.
Even though most rigid PCB V-cut scoring profiling room have some protected method.
For example, use the vacuum system around the milling head to collect those dust.

The note during V-cut scoring profiling process of rigid PCB

The rigid PCBs are held in place by small bridges of material.
And the small bridges of material can be different shapes, like round or point etc.
Most of rigid PCB manufacturers will drill through those small bridges of material.
Then customers can easily remove each separate PCB from the production panel.
By the way the rigid PCB production panel also can be V-cut scoring profiling.