Some common sense of flex circuit substrate material

Two reasons of discuss Flexible Circuit Materials

This paper will discuss flex ciruit material.
Due to flex circuit manufacture have complex process, most PCB factories are very carefull during produce.
In order to produce good quality flex circuit, we should to know more about flex circuit material.
And the cost of flex circuit material is the most part of total project buget.
If you have know much knowledg about flex circuit material, you can make the right decision to cost down require.

Polyimide laminate Flex Circuit Substrate material uses widely

We have introduce Copper Clad Laminates (CCL) and Copper Foil (CL) topic.
As a flex circuit substrates material, polyimide have difference features.
Polyimide laminate and prepreg flex circuit material use for high temperature due to it can provide good temperature resistance ability.
To most flex circuit applications, use polyimide laminate material also provide easy repairability.
Some time the repairability of flex PCB products is the biggest sale point for developing country.

Teflon laminate copper foil flex circuit substrate material discusses

Second flex circuit substrate material is Teflon laminate copper.
Usually rich flex PCB designers will use Teflon laminate copper material application in RF products.

Emma has asked our flex PCB material to list some normal technical specification.
– Board thickness: 1.6mm
– Dielectric constant: 2.55
– Copper thickness: 35 microns, both sides
– Big panel size: 304x457mm
– Small panel size: 150×225
By the way, above Teflon laminate copper technical specification is normally.
If you want to order some special flex PCB board, you should confirm with your flex PCB supplier.
flex circuit substrate material