The latest research of rigid PCB raw material market share

Do you know the raw rigid PCB material?

The main raw material of rigid PCB is CCL.
CCL, short for copper clad laminate.
Its main made up of copper foil, glass fiber, resin and other materials.
As the essential material for fabricating rigid PCB board.
Also can use flexible CCL for manufacturing flexible PCB board.
So CCL is chiefly divided into rigid and flexible CCL.

The global CCL output has decreased in 2015

You may confuse when read this sub-title.
Emma wants to list the simple two numbers to show why the global CCL output has decreased.
In 2015, the global CCL output was 750 million square meters.
If you only read this number, you can not say the global CCL output have decreased.
Because it was really very big number for more normal engineers.
We can through compression, down 1 percent year on year.
4MCPCB experts told Emma that the decrease mainly due to the decline in the growth rate of the downstream market.

The global CCL output continues to drop in 2016

The CCL price is affected by the demand of downstream market.
We have know the decline in the growth rate of the downstream market in 2015, this mean the demands also become decreased.
The the price of CCL have increased a bit than last year.
Wisely, the rising raw material costs bring greater pressure on the development of the downstream sectors.

Our 4MCPCB experts say that the market have not yet shown a sign of obvious recovery, this means we have more time to produce.
But the PCB market developing is very bright, just have to take more time to overcome the decline in growth rate issue.
Therefore, our rigid PCB experts think the global output is expected to continue to drop a bit by 0.5 percent.

The China CCL output in 2015

The China CCL market is the most special sector.
Not only China is the world’s largest CCL production base.
At 2015, the China CCL output has reached 520 million square meters.
This number accounting for 70 percent of the global total CCL market.
Different the global output decreased in 2015, the China CCL market is the only increase CCL market in the last year.
4MCPCB experts told Emma that the China CCL output edging up 0.4 percent year on year.
This is the very big confidence for China rigid PCB developing, even the global PCB market.

The forecast of the China CCL market

In the next five years, China’s CCL output is expected continues to grow a bit.
There were several reasons to support this grown forecast a compound annual rate of about 2 percent.
Firstly, slight rebounding of the downstream PCB industry under the impetus.
Automotive electronic industry developing. More and more vehicle brands choose electronic power.

Secondly, due to communication terminals increase. There are many countryside people didn’t switch 4G/5G smart mobile phone.
This is the biggest market share to increase smartphone PCB demands.
Then is the other high-growth fields over the next few years.
Even the speed of the China economy, have declined in grown rate, it’s true that faster most countries.
The latest research of rigid PCB raw material market share